Who Am I?

Amin Bohio

I'm a teenager, studying in the field of Computer Sciences(a Bachelor's degree that is) from a renowned institute of Pakistan. I'm currently not working but have been freelancing for quite a while now. Since 2005, Ever Since I got my own Computer; I've been building my skill set. I'm mostly interested in the security of things related to computers; In short, I want to pursue Penetration testing as a career to make a living. Btw, I love to watch Anime and TV Shows.

I haven't had any certification or took a course for security yet. Whatever I have learned up until now has been through self studying(Internet helped).

Following are the few skills that I've built up over the years:

Operating Systems Area:
Following are the operating systems that I hold expertise in.
  • Linux (All Distributions --> Servers+Desktop)
  • Windows (All Editions --> Servers+Desktop)
Scripting/Programming Area:
    Following are the languages that I can code in.
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Bash
  • PHP
  • Python
  • x86 Assembly
Security Area:
Following are the security studies I've done and hold expertise in.
  • 802.11 WLan Security
  • Network Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Linux Security
  • Windows Security
  • Malware Analysis and Removal
  • Software Testing
  • Social Engineering
    and much more.

Miscellaneous Skills:
  • Linux Server Administrator
  • Virtualization
  • Anonymity
   that's all I can think up at the moment, peace.