Monday, 12 January 2015

Review: LG G3 Smartphone

I was asking some of my friends to suggest me a smartphone to buy but I wanted It to be android since I do want to run some tests on it and most of the people suggested me this phone "LG G3". I took some time to read some reviews on the Internet and I was pretty convinced that this is the one I want to buy and I did. But you know what they say; you never know until you try it.

I went to the store and bought one right away and here are the things that were inside the box after opening

I could write all the specifications that this phone provides but that is not really our concern here so I will recommend you to go to this link and read the specifications: Link for Specifications

Now, Lets get to the main concern here.

It has been three weeks since I bought the phone and I do feel like this phone deserves an honest review.

Things I like about LG G3:
  •  The 5.5" Quad HD Display.
  •  The Knock On and Off Function.
  •  Buttons being on the Back.
  •  Laser-guided camera of 13MP.
Things I don't like about LG G3:
  • The minor lag in Default User Interface.
  • Battery being drained fast.
  • More memory usage than necessary.

I must say the design is pretty good but It has battery and lag issues that I just don't like but there is a work around for that. Personally, I am okay with after doing some tweaking and It works fine but LG should do a better job on their Software.

This was by no means a NO to LG G3. I have been using it and I have not seen any other phone working better than this one and I will keep using it for a while until something better comes out. Definitely, do check out the phone for Its amazing features like knock on/off and others.


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